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Part #: N23D-6084-26

The N23D-6084-26 cylinder is an approved PMA replacement cylinder for Avox/Zodiac cylinder P/N 6084-26, 10003365, 6350A22XA, and 6350A22-X-A. The N23D-6084 Series PMA cylinder is manufactured to DOT 3HT specification, the same as the 6084-26, 10003365, 6350A22XA, and 6350A22-X-A cylinders from Avox/Zodiac. The cylinder is made from a steel billet, stretch formed into a cylinder with the end spun formed. The N23D-6084-26 PMA cylinder is eligible for installation into the Oxygen Systems on Boeing aircraft.


Cylinders available in 2 colors: Dark Green #24062 or Light Green # 14187 per FED-STD-595

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Boeing 707-100 Series/707-100B Series
707-200 Series/707-300 Series
707-300B Series/707-300C Series
707-400 Series
727 Series/727C Series
727-100 Series/727-100C Series
727-200 Series/727-200F Series
737-100 Series/737-200 Series
737-200C Series/737-300 Series
737-400 Series/737-500 Series
737-700 Series/737-800 Series
737-600 Series/737-700C Series
737-900 Series/737-900ER Series
747-100 Series/747-100B Series
747-100B SUD Series
747-200B Series/747-200C Series
747-200F Series/747-300 Series
747SP Series/747SR Series

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